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After 22 years of boating, I have finally found the boat that is suited to my style of freestyle boating, and for my body size. I fluctuate between 190 lbs to 210 lbs, and the SuperStar doesn’t seem to mind. The boat handles like a dream, and propels itself out of the water with even the slightest loading of the bow or stern. My favorite move is the standard cartwheel, into splitwheels, and the SuperStar nails those moves quite nicely with minimal effort. Loops and Godzillas are second nature. As EJ can attest, when getting older, the body seems to moan a groan a bit more than usual. Being comfortable all day long is key to enjoying freestyle, and with the Happy Feet, Happy Seat, and Happy Thruster, I practically feel like I am sitting in an easy chair. Being crammed in a low profile boat use to be the way in freestyle, however now with larger volume boats, space does not have to come at a cost to performance. I feel like I am 25 again, this boat is my fountain of youth…and I hope to keep up with the young guns…and my boys well into my 60’s…thanks EJ, and the Jackson crew for putting easily the best boat on the market! All of you rock!