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South Channle, Truckee River, Hole 3

The second Hometown Throwdown in Reno, Nevada, was cold, windy  and stormy, but there was still a good turnout from the hearty Northern Nevadans. The Truckee River was running very high, so the competition was held on the south channel at hole 3 instead of the usual north channel. People were able to spin and loop and even stay in the hole despite the wind trying to carry them away! My friend Daniel Welborn, from Chico, CA. also competed in his first throwdown and did very well-now he even knows how to loop!  The highlight of the evening was after the throwdown was finished, local Jr. World Freestyle Champion Jason Craig showed up 1 month after breaking his back on a waterfall drop, walking with only crutches! Everyone was thrilled! There is one more throwdown before the Reno River Fest, so I hope everyone can make it.


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Reno Hometown Throwdown #2