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My first time in my brand new Rock Star:

Boat is awesome!! Super fast , took me a bit to get use  to but once I did it was awesome.
I was in Reno with my friend Bill for a day  of kayaking when I saw few locals coming, I was impressed with local guy Scott.

He was very very good at the hole, seems like he knows every single spot to do tricks in the hole.
After 2 hours practice Stephen and Ruth came to give us a show.
Honestly I had to stop kayaking to see Stephen rides and go take some pictures wooowwww, nobody can get as much air as Stephen! I think he must be paddling in another world!

Its awesome to see kayakers at that level playing……. wow.
Stephen has a carbon Rock Star which seemed to make him go even more aerial!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

See you all on the river.
David Stefan