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RockStar L review.

The Rockstar Large is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! The new design has pushed the boat up in performance and comfort. The performance improvements range from rocker to weight and everything in between.

Weight was the first thing I noticed; you can tell it’s lighter just by picking up the boat. The decrease in weight makes it easier to pull ends through, control boat rotation, and make corrective adjustments in the middle of tricks, all while cutting down on fatigue.

The new rocker profile allows the boat to release from a wave with more snap, making aerial blunts easier and donkey flips easier to convert into air-screws. Any wave trick requiring you to get air under the boat is easier.

The boat is also faster both forwards and backwards, and in a grind or spin rotation. The added volume in the stern makes for bigger back loops, and adds stability while front surfing. I weigh 185 pounds, but do not notice the added volume. The slicey ends allow the bow and stern to come through with more ease, countering the extra volume. Cartwheels seem to flow from end to end. The boat balance and slicey ends bring back the super clean cartwheels, you find yourself doing these just because they are so much fun.

My favorite thing about the boat is the more aggressive edge; it seems easier to find. Pushing the boat into a back blast while dropping the edge and riding it into a Mcnasty is much easier.

The raised sitting position gives you added leverage and more control. It might make you feel a little tippy at first, but I didn’t notice except crossing a boil line. However, it doesn’t take long to get used to the raised seat, and the boat is very stable while on the move.

If you like to front loop all day, fire away, the Rockstar will punch your ticket for some impressive air. The bow is easier to engage and the shorter length gives a snappy loop rotation.

The side-wall has been brought in and the knee bumps moved up, allowing the knees to be more up right. This has reduced knee strain and allowed me to apply more weight to my feet when needed.  I am 6’ with a 34’’ inseam and find the new knee position makes the boat even more comfortable.

The new Rockstar gives you greater balance, weighs less, slicier ends, more volume, more leverage, greater edge control and comfort. What more could you ask for? That’s all I have to say for now. Try the Rockstar for yourself and get the perm-a-grin that comes with it.


See you on water,   Jud.