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It felt like Christmas this week when my new Rock Star S arrived: the anticipation and excitement were overwhelming!  Out of the plastic, the first thing I noticed… this boat is light! Luckily the standard with the Jackson Elite set-up I was able to comfortably outfit my boat in minutes (Happy Feet and Sweet Cheeks=instant gratification).

I tested my Rock Star S in my backyard playpark, a place I have been paddling my Star for years so testing a new boat there is the perfect place since I am already aware of what I’m capable of in each feature. On a small wave I was amazed at the speed, I could actually surf down the face of this little wave!

In an eddy, I carefully initiated my edges for ‘lean cleans’ and was happily surprised how easy the transition from my Star to this Rock Star S was. The Rock Star series has you sitting up higher, giving you extra leverage and in my opinion, making the boat more responsive to your movements. In a hole, the evenly balance bow and stern made for super smooth cartwheels and the well position volume made for HUGE air.

If you like to freestyle kayak, you’re gonna have to try this boat! It’ll be hard to get me out of it, but you can even try mine 😉



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