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TG Canoes and Kayaks put on a great Springs Fest event this last weekend in San Marcos, Texas! On the banks of the San Marcos River, which runs with spring water at a temperature of 72 degrees year-round, TG brought out the entire Jackson Kayaks fleet for free demos. The event took place in Rio Vista park, which contains an excellent play wave in addition to warm glassy water for testing the recreational kayaks. Paddlers were thrilled by the new Rockstar in three sizes and fishermen were astounded by the new Coosa fishing kayak. I could not believe how much pop the Rockstar had in addition to the super loose hull on the green wave. The Coosa is definitely stable enough for my 6’2″, 195lbs frame to stand up and cast for fish.

It was fun to meet some new Texas paddlers. Tony has one of the first Super Stars and even got it signed by EJ right after the purchase. He protected it with a clear sealant and the signature is still in great shape on the stern of the boat after all these years. Check out the picture! Olympian Ben Kwanli was also teaching paddlers in the park all weekend.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, definitely stop by San Marcos. The warm water is heaven sent for a Colorado paddler like myself and nearly every single paddler is in a Jackson boat! You will feel right at home no matter where you are from.

It was also awesome to see two of JK’s fishing team members there- Brady Sullivan and Robert Matthews!

Reporting Live from the Lone Star State,

Joe Keck