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Love Ya, Sweet Cheeks!!


I’m sure many of you fellow Jackson boaters love your Sweet Cheeks and other JK accessories. For those of you in various other boats, the JK Sweet Cheeks is also a great way to outfit any brand of kayak. Here’s why I love my JK Sweet Cheeks.

  • Playboating: I paddle a Rockstar M and I love it, even though I am light for the boat. I weigh 138 lbs and I can flat-water cartwheel the Rockstar M with ease. I can do this because I use a Sweet Cheeks 200 and pile the beans up to get as much leverage as possible. The Sweet Cheeks are also very light, so I am not adding much weight to the boat. With the extra leverage, I get more control over a larger volume boat, meaning more speed, more retention, and more air! The elevated seating position does make the boat more unstable, but the most ingenious aspect of the Sweet Cheeks is that you can easily re-outfit on-the-spot depending on the type of paddling you are doing. For example, you can move the beans so that you sit lower and are more stable if you are going to be doing a run instead of park and play.
  • Creeking/River Running: I paddle a Villain S (my favorite creek boat ever) and use a Sweet Cheeks 100. I am fairly tall, so I don’t feel like I need extra leverage in the Villain S. The Sweet Cheeks is a great way to make any creek boat comfortable. I can adjust the beans so that I get a custom fit to my legs and hips to avoid having my legs fall asleep when paddling for long periods of time. Overall, the Sweet Cheeks offers a custom seat pad that you can adjust to fit your own style of paddling.

Erin Clancey