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The T’Ville Triple Crown has wrapped up once again, and man was it exhausting! But exhaustingly fun!

This is a very unique event in the sense of events it has… Its two days long and both days we compete in three disciplines of whitewater kayaking.

Saturday started off with a competitors meeting at 8am, everyone huddled around as it was quite chilly, drinking coffee and trying to find boats to share for the wildwater event.

I was paddling a wave hopper, as was Dane and Nick. That boat is entertaining to paddle, whoever created the boat has quite the imagination… to turn right lean really hard left…..

I paddled super hard the whole time as I was behind Kyle Hull in a fiberglass custom wildwater boat, and every time he saw me moderately close, it only took 3 strokes and he was gone ahead again.

Dane and Nick paddled well, Dane with an amazing time and Jason Beakes topping everyone by several seconds.

Slalom was next and immediately once you got done with your wildwater run, you sprint to the car, get your gear on and its game on….again…

I love competing slalom and I knew it was going to be hard to beat Katrina, but I knew I would be satisfied if I came even close….

And close I came with a solid second place right behind her….

In the Men’s class, Jason Beakes was first, Nick was second, and Rogan Brown in third, Dane followed closely behind in fourth place.

The rodeo came and all of us were discussing how much are arms were starting to feel like lead. But the day wasn’t over yet.  Not to mention, the rodeo on Saturday was for the USFKA Point Series, which after this summer will determine the National Champion.

The rodeo kicked off with the women, I took first followed by Jessie Stone, and Haley Mills.

The hole allowed me to work on all sorts of moves, from phonic’s, mcnasties, tricky woos and BIG air loops. It was tricky to stay in but with my retentive Rock Star, it wasn’t an issue.

In the Men’s Bryan Kirk took first, Nick took second, and I believe Kyle Hull got third.

Dane and Jordan Poffenburger battled it out all day for C-1, and Jordan won overall but Dane won the freestyle for the USFKA point series.

Sunday the same course of events was happening only this time it was for the money. First place overall Women’s and Men’s got $1,000 followed by $500 and $250…..

In the wildwater, I got a glass boat this time and swam four times trying to get into the boat! Don’t worry my skirt never got on, I just never made it into the boat…..

Once in it I was fine and placed second to Katrina by around 10 seconds.

In the men’s Nick took first, Jason Beakes took second and Bryan Kirk took third.

In Slalom, Katrina took first, I took second with some of the most fun runs I have had in a glass boat in a long time, and Jessie Stone took third.

Jason Beakes took first, Nick took second and Dane took third. Dane and Nick separate by only a few seconds.

The Rodeo was the last event of the Triple Crown and we were all excited yet sad to be finished.

The mens class had all 15 pro men do 3 rides best ride counts, instead of doing cuts and having finals, they gave everyone a chance to win the gold.

Dane took first with a whopping 890 points, followed by Nick with a 660 and Bryan Kirk with a 575.

In the Womens, I took first with a 630, only 30 points behind nick, and placing third in the mens.

Haley Mills got second and Jessie Stone got third.

I have only competed against Katrina in glass boats so this was a fun switcheroo. She had two great rides of both spins but never got her loop…


Overall the results were:

1.       Emily Jackson

2.       Katrina Van Wijk

3.       Jessie Stone


1.       Nick Troutman

2.       Dane Jackson

3.       Bryan Kirk


1.       Jordan Poffenburger

2.       Dane Jackson


It was an amazing year once again, big thanks to the town of Tariffville for being so supportive of the event, to all the volunteers, to Merrie for her cookies, and most of all to Andy Kulhberg for putting on the whole thing!

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring boating as much as we are!

Emily Jackson

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