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Missoula’s whitewater season is starting to go off! Strongwater Paddle Sports Missoula’s whitewater source has the new Villains, Rockstars and Hero’s to demo. Brennan’s wave Downtown Missoula is at a crazy good level, the Alberton Gorge and the Lochsa are also at really fun levels. The best part is Missoula has awesome flows right now and the snow hasn’t even began to melt. Snowbowl the local ski area got 8 inches of pow last night! If you are searching for an epic place to paddle this Spring, Missoula is your place. Missoula has tons of epic rivers and creeks in the area. I suggest coming to Missoula and then paddling your way toward Kelly’s Whitewater park. There are ton’s of world class rivers between Missoula and Kelly’s. See ya on the water soon-and make sure to check out the 2011 JK boats. The Rockstar is insane-KB