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Worlds Training Log #2


So far this year I have competed in three Rodeos:

  • Alabama Mountain Games
  • T’Ville Triple Crown
  • NOC Shootout

I have so far won all three, and moving on to my next event in a couple weeks. Everyday has been a blast and so far the only days I have taken off were traveling days. The other day I was considering taking a day off because my shoulder was bothering me, but I just couldn’t do it. So I jumped back into my boat, even if only for an hour. Did 100 Cartwheels both ways in the flat water- yes it’s a workout. Then did ten tricky woo’s both ways, and then fooled around with some squirts and stern stalls.

There are many moves that  get better in a hole as they get better on the flats. Tricky Woos and Super Clean Cartwheels are the main ones I have noticed. But you can get better at a variety of moves in the flatwater….

Here are moves I like to practice in the flatwater all the time:

Tricky Woo’s

Lunar Orbits

Super Clean Cartwheels




As far as my plan goes  before worlds:

Level Six cup is next and then the Reno River Festival.

I was pretty torn deciding between Grand Prix and  Reno, as I am dying to surf the big waves in Quebec. But this year Worlds is a pretty high priority for me, and two weeks of no hole boating could put a damper on my upward bound hole surfing. Not to mention I get to go visit my adopted little brother Jason Craig.

I am positive Grand Prix is going to be an amazing event, and I give big Props to Pat Camblin for pushing the sport in different arenas.  I am stoked that he invited me, and I hope I can find a way, or earn my way into the next one!  If it correlated with my plans better or wasn’t a full two weeks before worlds, I would be 100% committed.  Cant wait to see how everyone fares out!

My schedule following is:

Green River Rodeo

BV Pro Rodeo

Paddler Pro Invitational

Teva Mountain Games


Hopefully I can work on my worlds routine at each one of these events! World Championships! Here I come!

Emily Jackson