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The Boater Chick Festival is a grass roots festival in the South East that was started by one of my favorite boater chicks, Anne Connolly. The purpose of the BCF is to provide an event that allows women paddlers to come together to paddle with each other, learn from one another, and to network with each other in a supportive enviroment. This is an event that I have been involved with from the beginnign and look forward to every year. Each year I teach a new set of women paddlers the basics of river running and playboating on the mighty Nantahala river. It is so great to see these women come together and cheer for one another as they learn to use new techniques and skills.
The BCF has gained such support over its short 4 years that it has been running, as well as a bigger turn our of boaters than the year before. It is so wonderful to return to the event every year and see how far the beginners of the year before have come along. I feel that this event is fast becoming a staple, if nto already, in our female boating community. This years BCF is fast approaching, May 20-22, 2011, and registration is open! This event has a range of clinics offered from beginner clinics all the way to advanced creeking clinics. And this year the guys are just as welcome as the women (not that they weren’t before- just ask Boyd :P). If there’s anything that you want to learn, skills that you are looking to perfect, or if you just want to come out and have a great time, there would be no better place to be!

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