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This year’s Best in the West did not disappoint! We had high water but the wave still gave out great rides. I traded places this year with Erin Clancy. She won the traditional “Best in the West Belt Buckle!” Great job. The wave was also great for surf boards and stand up paddleboards. Jason Shredder did a great job holding the event. Thank you to all of the sponsors who made Best in the West a great time and a successful event.

On my way back to Idaho I was treated to a downriver run on the Lochsa at 8 ½ feet on the Lowell Bridge. It was awesome.

On June 11th there will be another event called Loose it on the Lochsa- check out for all the details. I’ll see you there! Devon

Links and Results for Best in the West:

Full results:

Results off the top of my head:
1. Erin Clancy
2. Devon Barker
3. Kate

1. Ben Kinsella
2. Sean
3. Kevin Brown

Jr. Mixed
1. Hannah Kertesz