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Hey Everyone!

Dad and I flew out to Richmond, VA on Friday, just in time to get things started with the Canal Crashers. Now most of you are probably thinking, what is the Canal Crashers. ( to be fully honest) you do crash!
It is a HUGE ramp! Sliding down this baby has to be one of the easiest/ most nerve racking things i have ever done. Now here is why…. It lands in 3 feet of water and it throws you stupidly high into the air. Not to mention, into flatwater. That didn’t stop some of the boys from going absolutely huge but it left me “trying to play it safe”

My first run i threw a pan ammy blunt thing and didnt hurt two bad. My second run i demonstrated what not to do and tried to just go off it but throw my feet down, HA, should have thought about when to throw my feet down, and not lean back!  Anyways, i threw my feet down right off the lip and ended up on my face. Everything hurts now, but that’s what you get for throwing such a dumb move!

Finals was supposed to be today at 6pm but massive lightning started up and caused them to post pone it till tomorrow! I am not sure if I am going to go off again. But Finals should be entertaining!

Tao Berman won prelims but might be flying before the event is over! Sad times for all!


The Top Sperry Boatercross did come to the final heat today and boy was it an interesting course! 3 buoys left everyone sprawling around the river trying to get to the appropriate sides of the course. Dad took first place in the Mens Class and I won the Womens.

I would post the the results for top three but to be sully honest I literally just met everyone in our classes! That hasn’t happened in a long time and I have to say its so much fun to meet and compete against new people! Everyone was super nice and super fired up to have us there and that made the whole event worth it! I ended up being lucky number 6 that actually completed having a womens class! So go ladies!!

Appomattox, was also doing an amazing demo day, and I mean 15 life jackets, but you still had to wait a half hour! Ian our Customer Service man, was kicking some serious butt getting people in boats, as were the rest of the Appomattox crew!



Big thanks to everyone for putting on such an amazing event!

Finals tomorrow so be sure to check that out! 10am start at Browns Island!

Emily Jackson-Troutman