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I have had my carbon Rock Star for some time now, but unfortunately, sometimes, the cobbler goes without the shoes.   In this case I am not always in front of the camera, or around with a camera as much of my paddling is just about the paddling.   However, today, I borrowed Stephen Wright’s camera, had Clay ferry it over to the South Channel of the Reno Whitewater Park where Kristine was walking KC and asked her to take some photos of me paddling my carbon Rock Star.   She shot three of my rides, and then attempted to take some video, which could have been used for a spoof on Reno having a Richter 7.2 earthquake (all natural shaking, caused by KC).    She then transferred the camera to unsuspecting recipient Jud Keiser who took over video duties. (Thank you Jud!!!)    I haven’t seem myself “training” in a long time.  Time to bust out the cameras as we get closer to the worlds.

Anyhow- Due to fast shutter speeds- Kristine nailed some good photos.   She is awesome and a trooper and it wasn’t exactly ideal for her to take photos while KC was shirtless, shoeless, and trying to drown himself at the whitewater park by playing in the water, right above the drop.   But here are a few shots from today.   Clay was working on a ton of combos and getting some sweet moves today.   I don’t have as many good photos of him today, but we’ll sort that out for tomorrow!

Here are the pictures…

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