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So you already read the results and the play by play, but how about a few photos from finals? And maybe a few words about my first time in Reno.

This was my first time to the Reno River Festival and it was a great way to kick off the season. The park offers three distinctly different, but all great, playspots. The competition was held in the third feature of the North channel. Water was high due to the warm weather (summer is finally here for me!) so it was a wave hole. Despite being flushy, it did allow big tricks such as blunt to mcnasties and phoenix monkeys. Unfortunately it was my first few days boating this year, and I wasn’t quick enough to pull these through consistently. I did manage to finish in 7th place. Congratulation to everyone who came out and competed!

The finals was very exciting to watch as the competitors posted huge rides. See EJ’s post for more detail.

When I wasn’t practicing in Number 3, I played downstream in Number 5 and in the South channel playspot. Number 5 was a powerful hole that gave huge loops! The South channel spot was a small slow paced hole where it was possible to do nearly everything.

Aside from the freestyle the event had a lot to offer. There was slalom, boatercross, SUP races, the Run Amuck running race, and free music throughout the weekend. If you have never been, consider checking it out next year!