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What a way to end spring for the state of Alabama. I had just got back from my two week humanitarian mission, to build schools and medical clinics for the Dominican Republic’s people, just in time to see a natural disaster hit the southeast. EF5 tornadoes ripped through the norther part of Alabama and southern part of Tennessee leaving both states with power and a massive amount of damage. It was not long before my guard unit called me up and said that we where going to go and help with the disaster relief within hours we made our way to Cullman, AL. My units mission was to help securer the areas that received sever damage from loots and make sure that people within those areas had water and food. After a week and a half of helping down the state sent us back home. From there I proceeded to go volunteer to help with debris and tree removal and that is where I saw the actually extent of the damage. So after several weeks of being gone from home I finally got to see my family again and was able to going kayaking with my friends. I spent all of last weekend paddling with my father and Alex Andrews on the Ocoee having a relaxing and fun time. I enjoyed seeing many people whom I have not see in a long time.


Johnathan Shales