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It is almost time to leave for Germany and I don’t feel as ready as I would like. Finding the time to paddle as much as I wanted has been quite a challenge this spring as me and my fiance decided that spring was a great time to buy a house, organize a wedding, get a dog (well more like a mix between a gerbel and a groundhog.. a miniature groundhog), run a half-marathon, prepare a trip to Germany, all that while working at very challenging full-time jobs.

Finding a small hole to practice was also a challenge, as the Ottawa River mostly offers huge waves … and huge holes! However, levels are going down and giving us some great features to practice in. I have been focusing on getting more air and making the moves look a bit more “effortless” rather than learning new moves so close to the World Championships. This is probably the best approach for me right now (and the Rock Star is helping me going bigger than ever before!!). I didn’t spend that much time playboating in a hole in the past, so I plan to do the best I can with I can do! I am, however, having a ton of fun getting ready for this competition and look foward to spend more time playboating in holes in the future!

Enjoy the rain!