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Well its Saturday night and we just wrapped up the Green River Expedition Rodeo in Green River Wyoming. This is a small town but the people have been beyond hospitable. From a  big pancake breakfast with chocolate covered strawberries, fruit, sausage, bacon nd ham,

They also had fun raffles, cookie between rides, and a whole bbq ready to serve us pulled pork!

The feature was very challenging as they couldn’t get the dam to cooperate with water flows and it was too high. To give you an ide, people were flushing front surfing.

But that didnt stop people from throwing down. Nothing was consistent: so every trick you were pushing yourself to do it perfect nd charge back up the foam pile.

I was super lucky and had an amazing second finals ride getting a phonics and mcnasty.

Here are all the results and a big thanks to the town again for being so supportive, and everyone who made the event possible!

We’ll be back!



Pro Men:

1. Stephen Wright 730
2. Nick Troutman 616
3. Eric Jackson 306
4. Jud Keiser 120
5. Will Taggard 30

6. Quinton Barnett 206
7. Billy Bob Malesky 150
8. Jake Skeen 120
9. Elliot Buchholz 90
10. Zach Mitchell 80
11. Brent Tyc 0

Pro Women:

1. Emily Jackson 528
2. Ruth Ebens 130
3. Elaine Cambell 90
4. Haley Mills

Jr Men:

1. Dane Jackson 446
2. Teague Manley 90
3. Ian Rubrecht 0

Jr Women:

1. Lauren Burress 90
2. Sage Donnelly 80
2. Hannah Kertez 80
4. Brooke Terkovich

Open Men:

1. Chris Castle 30 pts
2. Forrest Maclean 20
3. Ed Conning 10
4. Jason Baker 3

Open Women:

1. Risa
2. Sue
3. Amanda

C1- One and Only:

1. Dane Jackson 286