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Day before yesterday was the La Tuque race in Quebec. 3rd stage of the Grand Prix and it was intense. It was the first race i have been to that pretty much everyone was nervous going into. Including me. We had around 10 swims, and you have to remember that this was all pros. So thats a lot. It was a little over 2 minutes to get down the course. It is only 3 rapids. It is a nice 10 footer into a rolling 8 footer at the start, into a flat pool. Followed by a 6 or 7 footer. Right after that you go into a slide that consists of almost half the race. It is long, bouncy, manky, and you have no control going down it. The slide is intimidating enough but right at the end of the slide outta nowhere there is a very sticky hole. That is where most of the swims took place. So it was a very demanding race, super fun and im glad it went well. And i couldnt have had a better boat than the Villain S for it. The villain S is super stable and easy to paddle so that really helped to stay in control and stay upright in this race. The speed with the villain really helped in this race, in the flats, the holes, the drops. It really keeps you moving. With the waterfalls, in this race especially you need to accelerate out from the drops so you can maintain your speed. The villain does that without you even doing much. The stability was perfect for in the slides and rough spots. I couldnt focus on keeping the boat straight more than trying to stay upright. Which was key here. So this race wasnt the longest or the biggest. But it kept everyone on their feet and i felt a little more at ease going into this race knowing i had the Villain S. I got second place in this race which felt awesome. I was only a second away from the leader. But i am psyched on getting second and i look forward to the rest of the Grand Prix

La Tuque Race

1st-Evan Garcia

2nd -Dane Jackson

3rd-Ben Marr