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Level Six Capital Cup

This year Level Six put on the 9th Capital Cup event. After a year off due to low water levels, everyone was very excited to have the competition back this year and the water levels were amazing! This event brought out almost ever paddler to compete and/or view this great event.

This competition was very important for me, because it was held on my home wave. The same wave on which I learned and that I know so well. Also, the level of competitors promised to be especially high due to the Whitewater Grand Prix that was kicking off that night in Ottawa. The shores of the island were packed with hundreds of people who came to view the event.

I trained long and hard for this event, because I wanted to do well. It was the first event in which I competed is a senior (over 18). Little did I know that all my hard work would pay off with a first place win in men’s class.

first and second were both Carbon Jacksons just saying!!!

Here are the results, as well as a video of my final winning ride!



Men’s Pro
Adam Chappell 1
Nick Troutman 2
Casper Van Kolmthout 3
Francois Bergeron Proulx 4
Rush Sturges 5
Tyler Curtis 6
Joel Kowalski 7
Keegan Grady 8
Dane Jackson 9
Devyn Scott 10
Zack Boles 10
James Beddington12
Ryan Whetung 13
Alex Perrett 14
Brandon Fasan 15
Kyle Hull 16
Paul Danks (C1) 17
Logan Grayling 18
Ben Marr 19
Johnny Meyers 20
Evan Garcia 21
Marcos Gallegos 22
Matt Hamilton 23
Tyler Fox 24
Tom Harding 25
Jamie Pope (C1) 26
John Rathwell 27

Pro Women’s
1. Emily Jackson
2. Louise Irwin
3. Annie Pier Marchand
4. Brenna Kelly
5. Katie Kowalski
6. Michelle Clifford
7. Cheryl Mcgregor
8. Alex Shalhorn

Open Men
1.  Christian Foster
2. Cameron Smedley
3. Marcus Audette
4. Dave Earl
5. Kyle Vandeemter
6. Jared Evans

Open Women
1.  Alison Smedley

1. Robert Zanenburg
2. John Burrows
3. Frank Scott

Pro Junior Boys
1.  Zachary Zanenburg
2. Joel Brennan
3. Cooper Lemkay
4. Sebastien Racine

Pro Junior Girls
1.  Emily Zwaneburg
2. Sara Daub

Open Junior
1. Liam Smedley
2. Sean Hakvart