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Level Six Capital Cup

What a great day in Ottawa! The Level Six Capital Cup went off for its 9th year with bang!

The event was held on the Champlain Rapids near the Champlain Bridge near down town Ottawa.

It was a fun wave hole like feature, with an epic shoulder, it was amazing to see the variations in rides as almost everything was possible.

The day was filled with masters, juniors, women and men. Each person getting 3 preliminary rides so it was pretty jam packed.

I got to see a lot of familiar faces, some old friends, and the rowdy grand prix crew!

Here are some photos from the event as well as the results! Big thanks to all volunteers and Level Six for putting on such a great event!

Men’s Pro

1. Adam Chappell

2. Nick Troutman

3. Casper Van Kolmthout

4. Francois Bergeron Proulx

5. Rush Sturges

6. Tyler Curtis

7. Joel Kowalski

8. Keegan Grady

9. Dane Jackson

10. Devyn Scott

10. Zack Boles

12. James Beddington

13. Ryan Whetung

14. Alex Perrett

15. Brandon Fasan

16. Kyle Hull

17. Paul Danks (C1)

18. Logan Grayling

19. Ben Marr

20. Johnny Meyers

21. Evan Garcia

22. Marcos Gallegos

23. Matt Hamilton

24. Tyler Fox

25. Tom Harding

26. Jamie Pope (C1)

27. John Rathwell

Pro Women’s

1. Emily Jackson

2. Louise Irwin

3. Annie Pier Marchand

4. Brenna Kelly

5. Katie Kowalski

6. Michelle Clifford

7. Cheryl Mcgregor

8. Alex Shalhorn

Open Men

1.  Christian Foster

2. Cameron Smedley

3. Marcus Audette

4. Dave Earl

5. Kyle Vandeemter

6. Jared Evans

Open Women

1.  Alison Smedley


1. Robert Zanenburg

2. John Burrows

3. Frank Scott

Pro Junior Boys

1.  Zachary Zanenburg

2. Joel Brennan

3. Cooper Lemkay

4. Sebastien Racine

Pro Junior Girls

1.  Emily Zwaneburg

2. Sara Daub

Open Junior

1. Liam Smedley

2. Sean Hakvart

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