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The Milner Mile on the Snake River is located in-between Burley and Twin Falls, ID.  The canyon is tight and constricted while dropping 100 feet in a mile.  The steep gradient and large volume of water creates huge holes, massive waves, and surging eddies.  Many people consider the Milner Mile to be the largest size whitewater in the Continental U.S.


The Milner Mile is shown with a CFS of 14,000 in this video.  We put in on our second run with the sirens going off meaning more water was being released.  After laps on the Milner we drove a short ways and kayaked off Star Falls running at 19,700 CFS.


This was my first trip to the Milner Mile.  The run is typically de-watered for irrigation and the river needs an abundance of water in the Snake to flow.  With a huge snow-pack looming in the mountains in Idaho and Wyoming the dam keepers had to open up the flood gates and let the Milner flow.


I am continually impressed by the Villain.  From steep creeks to huge water the boat takes care of me.  The Villain stays on the surface, is fast, and punches holes with ease.


Paddlers are Eric Seymour, Gary Edgeworth, and Ted Keyes.