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Dum… Dum Dum Dum……

Worlds is creeping up with close to a month left before the big start. I have been in Reno, NV for almost a week and had lots of great hole practice. I paddled in the South Channel which was a smaller hole but had a lot to offer. Because I knew I was only getting a couple days here, i immediately started working on moves that I consider hard.

  • Tricky Woo’s – Super Fun and honestly not hard in that hole!
  • McNasties- Going for some Air on them… Lefties were HARD!
  • Phonics Monkeys- Get more consitent, Lefties again were hard.
  • Orbits- One way, Great here! Even got a few lunars!

In hole number three I worked on some basic things almost every day with Dad, and then the day before I flew out Ruth and I went at with a pick a move and lets got for it. Some of the moves we were working on were:

  • Jumping higher on my loops and space godzillas
  • Blunt McNasties- Left and Right. Right Down, Left, not so much….
  • Split Phonic’s – Got some Left and Right. Left Right Split to Right Phonics was my stronger suit.
  • Back Loops- Tried to do Back Loop McNasties but paused to much between everyone.

All in all it was a great week of training and a huge confidence booster for me. I am super happy for everyone that is in Canada, as it looks like they are having a good, yet frightening time!
Spending time with my family and being super relaxed was exactly what i needed to get my game face on for worlds. One month still leaves me plenty of time to work on many things, but the biggest key right now is to maintain confidence!

So 36 Days to go! I am so READY!!!

Emily Jackson-Troutman