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This was my second Reno River Festival, and it was defiantly a little different then last year but it was as fun or even more fun. The festivities started out with warm up Home Town Throw Down, where I judged. It was somewhat hard, and even more difficult then normal judging because I had to count a point for every time the paddler moved their boat 180 degrees. The competition started out on Friday with pre-lims for everyone but juniors who had finals. We had a mixed junior event on a high flushy feature, but everyone did great and the girls myself, Sage, and Hannah placed top three showing up the boys. This was my second time to try out my RockStar and I continue to LOVE it. The rest of the festival I worked at the Jason Craig Recovery booth, to try to help raise money for Jason. It was a great time, and I learned that I’m glad I was never a girl scout, because being told no over and over again sucks, but when someone does buy a raffle ticket it makes it so much better. It was a very successful fundraiser with a ton of great raffle prizes, and it helped out the Craigs a bunch. The finals were defiantly intense to watch with very close scores from Eric Jackson And Stephen Wright, in their Carbon Rockstars. With Stephen coming in first. Reno is a must go to festival with tons of great fun to be had. You better check it out next year.