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Hey Everyone

Sorry this a tad late, as I had my Mothers Day Dinner last night so I didnt have time to sit down and write about the rollercoaster day! With finals only being at 5pm…. we had a lot of hanging out in the sun yesterday!

The water levels were higher once again making the feature much harder, the womens scores suffered from that a little bit but the mens scores went above and beyond!

In the women’s Ruth and I battled,

We tied our first runs, I got a 10 point higher second run, so i was in first.

Then ruth got a super low second run, then I upped my score once more by over a hundred points.

Then Ruth went last and beat my by thirty points, cheeky blondie…..

Erin Clancey got third with her big loops and spaces. Devon and Hailey weren’t getting their usual pop so loop moves weren’t happening too much for them.

Dad (EJ) kicked the mens off with an amazing 1480 in the mens finals and it was quite the ride to watch with big waves moves AND hole moves.

Stephen Wright topped it with his second ride and got a total of 1530. Just squeaking in to the top spot.

Dustin Urban and Clay Wright battled for third with Dustin coming in victorious.

Craig Kleckner unfortunately did not spend a majority of his time in the hole so that cost him many valuable points.

Happy Mothers Day to the All the Mothers Out there! Also a big thanks to all the organizers for throwing on such a great event year after year!

Here are the Finals Results Below: Top 3 in both Classes were Rockstars!

Pro Womens Final Results:

1. Ruth Ebens  590

2. Emily Jackson  560

3.  Erin Clancey 225

4. Hailey Mills  220

5. Devon Barker 180

Mens Final Results:

1. Stephen Wright 1530

2. Eric Jackson  1480

3. Dustin Urban  105o

4. Clay Wright 995

5. Craig Kleckner 470