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First session at Reno play park, and first ever session in the Rockstar! I flew out Monday to Reno to stay with the Donolley’s for a couple weeks for a partial competition tour. We woke up Tuesday morning had some breakfast, and headed to the park! I noticed right away the boat was fast, I thought maybe it was just because I hadn’t been in a boat for 7 months, but then I was reassured it wasn’t just me, and my random windowshades were normal. I got used to the boat quickly, loops, and space godzillas were a breeze, after I hit a few of those I went for the McNasty. Need-less to say my first attempt of the day was the best, the others were downgraded to McFlops. I was excited to know I hadn’t lost much coordination and boat control on my months off. I should be back to my ‘A Game’ fairly soon if this progress keeps up!

The second day we hit the park up again, then headed home for lunch, and started packing up the van! With four people, four dogs, and 1 cat, it was tight, but we were on the road around 11pm. Sage and I passed out in the back, and awoke in the morning to Green River Wyoming! We jumped out and went to check out the feature…

They were adjusting the bladders when we came down, to accomadate the high water levels. After getting the van situated, we hopped in for our first session! It was much easier to attain the feature the first day, we practiced loops, space godzillas, McNastys, and just sticking spins! After a long session, we got out for some dinner! After supper we decided to hop in for another quick session, the line was short and I was anxious to be on the water.

The next day the wave was harder to get on, but a little easier to stay in. My morning session I was very determined to just get on the wave, and when I did I was trying to get a routine down, this was Friday and the competition was on Saturday. Sage was working on loops & spins.

Saturday, everyone was pleasantly awoken by an air horn and a voice yelling breakfast! BREAKFAST EVERYONE! They had put together an island pancake breakfast, with pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham, lots of fruit, which consisted of Sage’s favorite chocolate dipped strawberries! I personally decided sleep was more preminant this morning, and blocked out the air horn, I enjoyed a nice bowl of cherrios later in the morning.

Sage and I got a quick session in before the competition, just a couple rides each. My last practice ride before the competition left me feeling pretty confident, and excited for my first competition of the year! Fortunatley the Pre-lims were just a reseating round, considering we only had four girls; Sage, Hannah, Brooke(Wyoming local), and myself. So this was like a nice practice run for myslef, not as much pressure as if we were going to be cutting someone. The feature was tough considering the water was up even more, it was very easy to flush, or possibly not even catch the wave. Sage and I both had some good rides, and we placed, Sage in 2nd, and myself in 1st for prelims, so we were sat nicley for Finals.

Finals rides placed us with, Hannah Kertez in 3rd, Sage Donnelly 2nd, and myself in 1st. Great way for me to kick off the competition season, I’m excited to be traveling with the Donnelly’s, and can’t wait for Buena Vista!