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Spring has been off to a good start. The bass have just about spawned out here in Texas but with the drought the flow in the rivers is slow to none at all. One thing that I did recently was fish the first River Bassin tournament to be held in Texas. It was unique since it was open only to kayaks and based on river fishing. I chose the Colorado river to fish and was greeted with a three foot drop in the water level as well as no release of water. To add to it there was a 15mph wind blowing in my face for most of the day. The fishing had to be fast and I could only key on selected areas as the length of this section was ten miles of paddling since there was no flow. I also had to be off the water in time to make the hour drive for the weigh in. I was able to catch around twenty nice bass and cull to weigh in my best three for the day. Ended up coming in sixth place

which was good for the conditions that I faced all day. Most of the fish were caught on a Texas rigged Zoom centipede and a Dingo from GetFive lures. A few came on topwater fished along the edges of matted grass that was showing due to the drop of water. When I had prefished this section the week before the water was up and I had caught a lot of good fish. If the conditions of the river had been better I could have easily had a 60 inch stringer to weigh in instead of the 51 1/2 inches that I weighed. Still had a great time and was happy with where I finished. Here are some photos of fish that I have caught lately.

See you on the river,