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The Whitewater Grand Prix is off and running with the opening party in Ottawa on Sunday. It was an awesome party getting to see a ton of faces from the whitewater comunity all in one place. The party went all night with an awesome DJ, premier of Rush Sturges new movie ‘Frontier’, and drinks flowing till the AM.


To kickoff the whole Grand Prix was the intimidating ‘Big Trick contest on Gladiator.’ It was amazing to see how the water levels have been cooperating for the event. I have grown up on the Ottawa and I have only see the river high enough for Gladiator three times in the last 10 years.


There was a line up for 6 hours hours straight for Gladiator, which I was highly impressed by, being that it is the most intimidating wave I have ever surfed. The main fear would be the river wide pour-over 200 ft. below the 20 ft wave.


After the entire day everyone had some sick tricks and some huge air.


The top three were just enounced.



1st: Ben Marr

2nd: Dane Jackson

3rd: Rush Sturges



1st: Lou Erwin

2nd: Emily Jackson

3rd: Katia