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Well we had our freestyle event on a new set of waves here in quebec, called ‘Pillars.’ It is a sweet set of two waves just under a train bridge. This made is easy for spectators to come and watch the show. It was impressive to see the air being thrown and number of moves.

Everyone was going huge, though I don’t think the Rockstar has gone bigger until now.

I was lucky enough to get to watch a couple of Dane’s rides which were super impressive, and he was the only one to stay out for the whole time.

The system was a bit different then normal with a time of 2 minutes and your 6 best tricks counting. Each move was also scored out of 10, with a max of 6 technical, 2 for air, and 2 for style adding up to 10.

We were all split up into 3 heats of 7 people, and everyone got 6 rides with your best two rides counting. 

Ben and Dane ended up tied for first, followed by Matthieu Domulin, myself, Tyler Curtis and Rush Sturges.

In the womens Katia took home the prize with a huge airscrew, which impressed the whole crowd.

Check out some footage from the day.