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December 12, 2011

Decided to take the Coosa out this morning, lake of choice = Lake Ray Hubbard, just outside of Dallas, Texas. Lake is close and is great for Bass fishing, just have to decide what area to fish. Have fished this lake many times before was mainly wanting to try out my new fish finder. You can see it in the picture below.

Air temperature a cool 52 degrees, water was at 50 degrees and the winds were light, with cloudy skies. Decided to fish a marina because of its easy access and is not very crowded.
Paddled out to my several of my favorite spots that normally hold fish, the fishing was slow, decided to downsize and finesse. After switching, I quickly picked up a fish, my lure of choice, a shakee head, with a pumpkin worm. Hooked a total of 4 here is a couple, nothing over 2 lbs.

With a great day of fishing behind me, decided to head back in, what a great paddle with the Coosa, was very relaxing made for a peaceful day of fishing.

Back at the take off area, ran into a few boaters that wanted to come over and see the Jackson Coosa. They were very impressed with the Kayak and setup that I had on it today. Here is a picture of the rigging I used on this trip: Fish Finder, Anchor trolley, drag chain anchor, 6 pole rod holder, trolley (breaks down and fits in the nose) and rod tip holders for the front.

Will go over some of the rigging I have placed on the Coosa in the next few months. All the rigging is with no holes in the boat, simply just add on the accessory you need for that fishing trip.

Mark Palovik
NE Texas