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My love with Jackson started in high school when my Phy. Ed. teacher borrowed friends boats to teach us how to roll kayaks, I learned to roll in a Jackson Fun and I was hooked after that. I bought my own Jackson Fun and with my Jackson I really pushed myself as a paddler. This summer I took a 2-day Jackson Freestyle Clinic in Wausau, Wisconsin with Jackson Regional Team Member John McConville. The clinic was followed by the Midwest Freestyle Championships, which was my first kayaking competition, and I took first in the beginner category in my Jackson Fun! This past fall I sold my Fun and purchase a Villain S so I can continue to push my paddling career and so I can develop as a creek boater. I had done a lot of research on creek boats but I could not find any negative reviews on the Villain. I also love the simplicity, yet effectiveness of Jackson’s outfitting and after trying a Villain out I felt so comfortable. The boat was instantly an extension of me, responding to my every move and giving me the comfort to run things I never would have before. I had been scoping out the seal launch in the photo for a long time, which is downtown where I live, and with my new Villain S I and my friends had some Saturday morning fun! The launch was approximately 130 feet long and ended with a 7 foot drop off down to the lake.