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When Jackson Kayak released the new colors for 2012 I had a hard time figuring out which color I wanted  for my new Cuda. It was really hard for me to decide because of the awesome solid, and mixed colors that they offer. The local dealer ordered five or six colors and allowed me to come take a look at them once they got them in. On the way over I was set on Black Widow, but when we pulled Yellow Jacket out I had to have it.

Recently, I had a chance to purchase another kayak. I’ve been so impressed by the Cuda that I had to have another, but this time with a rudder. I started with the whole color selection ordeal when I though “A black kayak”! The team over at Jackson gave me exactly what I wanted.

The best part about it is that you can have a custom solid color or design too! Maybe your favorite professional, or collegiate sports team color, your favorite color, or just a different mix of colors? The choice is yours!

It will add to the price of the kayak, but it IS possible only at Jackson. To find out more ask your local Jackson Kayak dealer or contact customer service @  931.738.2628 or email: info at

Here’s my custom all-black Cuda: