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Jackson Kayak TV Episode 1 features the Costa de Oro trip with exciting footage from our Team JK, Indiana James and the Oranga, a GoPro review, lessons on the Back Loop and a profile of Damon Bungard!

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Costa de Oro, Veracruz



Finally, you can look forward to a new Video Magazine, Jackson style, called JKTV.    Nick and James McBeath schemed over how to do it, and Nick took the reigns.    Immediately, Nick recruited Dane to be part of the filming and production team and the two of them took off on the project.     You’ll find multiple segments, that include:

Trip Report, Gear Review, Tech Tips, “Indiana James”, Shot of the month, Team Spotlight, Local News, and more…

In this “Episode 1” you’ll find:

Costa de Oro: Veracruz

Go Pro Hero 2 review

How to Back loop by Emily

Product manager and Fishing/Whitewater team member:  Damon Bungard

Indiana James and the “Oranga”

Stephen Wright makes the local news, tonight

Look for this playing at a laptop near you, EACH MONTH!, that is right 1 per month!   Awesome!