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The photo is of my friend Jonnie…this guy lives to kayak, especially play boating and he only uses his Jackson kayak because he thinks they are the best. The reason I am submitting this for him is because he has been suffering from Lupis the past few years and I would love to see this guy smile some more like he is in this photo. This guy is a really good play boater and one hell of a great guy…the guy’s heart is so big! He used to ice climb a lot and could have gone pro but not anymore…so he kayaks. Don’t pick him because you feel bad for the guy, he is not like that…but pick him because you wouldn’t mind supporting someone who is struggling with a new identity and how to cope with what life has given him. I will tell you this, he is one great guy! I don’t say that about too many people…and he is teaching me how to be a much better kayaker!! I love this guy’s smile, it is contagious but his Lupis is not!