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I am relatively new to kayaking and have tried a few different boats trying to find one that was comfortable and gave me confidence . I have always been in to skateboarding , snowboarding , and mountain biking , but at 35 … I’m a little more timid learning how to kayak . My first boat was a Jackson fun , which is still giving me confidence in the water and my first choice . Since my buddies and I are only a year and a half into the sport , your not going to see any crazy drops or gnarly creeking . I tried to focus more on the cool things I saw last year out on the water . Everything from salmon spawning to my buddy going upside down threw the “narrow’s” . I am also relatively new to short film making . I don’t have professional production/editing equipment but I think I have a good eye for shots .
p.s. – I really like the family , down home feel , that comes out in the videos and interviews I see with everyone involved in Jackson Kayak … it’s refreshing in this day and age !