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So 2012 bring a new year with new opportunity. To symbolize this I though I would build a new boat. Last year I had a Yellow boat with Red tips, which I loved. So I thought I would stay with those colors but try a new experiment. This time I wanted to go in and actually build out the entire boat with the guys at the factory. I also wanted to try to see if it was possible to make a kayak with a deck and hull as two separate colors.

I went in and talked with Lief (our director of molding) to figure out what we could do. With Lief’s help, and the rest of the guys in molding we were able to give it a shot.

WOW. I think it came out better than I could have ever imagined. I had a red deck and almost perfect yellow hull, pretty good for a first try.

I then continued on to have it cut and and build it with still much help from the guys and gals who are the master boat builders.

In the end, I came out with my dream kayak.

Stay tuned for some Red and Yellow fun from the 2012 season.

Nick Troutman