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Decided that I had some extra time waiting for the New Year. Enough time for a Kayak Fishing trip.

That is what is so nice about the Coosa or Cuda, takes literally minutes to get ready for fishing. This fits me perfectly, have a Bass boat, but you need to do some serious planning. You have to have the batteries, tires, trailer lighting, etc. ready to go, then you have to find a decent ramp, and off load and load the boat. Let’s not even talk about the gas money needed.

With my Jackson Coosa or Cuda, just grab my gear, place the Kayak on top of the car and ready. It could not be any easier, can be ready to go fishing or kayaking anytime in a matter of minutes.

Then when you are on the water, it is so nice to slow down and enjoy both the scenery and the fishing time. I have taken out several friends that are now Jackson owners.

Happy new years to everyone hope to see you in a new Jackson Kayak soon!

Mark Palovik