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Helped Dave Lindo at OKC Kayak work a booth at this show for the Jackson line of kayak’s. Was a blast and had a great crowd of people lots of interest in the Jackson line.

Drove from Dallas to Okalahoma City Friday afternoon, was pleasantly surprised at the setup that Dave had at the show. Was also surprised at a great crowd and the interest in the Jackson line of Kayak’s at the show.

Saturday was amazing, lots of people and everyone wanted to take a closer look at both the Coosa and Cuda. The Jackson line is so easy to explain to people that fish, with the built in rod stagers, 2 position seat, (Hi – Lo) and tons of storage, standing capabilities, and everything else. Was really amazed at how many had seen TV shows, and You Tube videos etc. featuring the Jackson Coosa and Cuda as the state of art Kayak for fishing.

Had a lot of people looking, own a boats today, but wanted something simpler and less expensive to operate. Had othersl that were interested in making this an addition to the boat they owned now, giving them the capability to get to places that are unreachable today with the boat.

I believe the OKC Kayak booth was the hit of the show, Dave and Bill did a great job of setting it up. Even got to see the Swap people, snakes, catch a live trout, and all kinds of tackle and rods.

Oklahoma City has a bunch of friendly people and a lot that really like to fish, was a great time. I would there will be a lot of new Jackson Kayak fisherman in OKC!

Mark Palovik