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The more I continue to paddle my Fun Runner in a variety of river environments the more it dawns on me just how versatile this boat really is. It is NOT a jack of all trades and master of none, but rather and expert at versatility. Simply put it RULES. It is truly living up to and surpassing my expectations. It is been a long time since I have paddled a single boat in so many different ways. I like to think of myself as a well rounded paddler that loves to enjoy all that our great sport has to offer. I grew up in a slalom boat, I have always run rivers and creeked, I have spent more time than I can remember in a play boat, and I love to squirt boat. Sitting back and thinking about the days that I have enjoyed in the Fun Runner so far has made me realize that I have had the most unique day in the Reno WW park in a long time. I was out paddling with folks in Rockstars and a Shooting Star while I was in my Fun Runner. I had the most fun day in a long time working on remembering what it feels like to sling ends in a longer boat. The slow, smooth, and predictable ends were a blast! I have also spent some time on our local intro to creek/river run. On this day I comfortably boofed my way down the run with folks in Villains and a Hero. On this day I was able to run all the lines that I normally take, but the sportiness of the Fun Runner allowed me to look at some different options as well. I have also spent a fair bit of time with the proto Fun Runner in the ocean surfing with paddlers in everything ranging from a Rockstar to a pure composite surf boat. The speed of the Fun Runner let me make sections and allowed me to carve back up the wave to throw off the lip as well. All along the way I have been speaking with different types of boaters to get their impressions of the boat and what they liked about it after trying it out. For me I can comfortably say that if I had to live in a world where I could only have one boat this would be my choice every time. The range of paddling styles it gives me access to is unreal, and the way in which it does that is truly impressive. Here are some perceptions from different boaters out there.
The Playboater – Most of the same basic freestyle moves, but on a much wider range of features due to the hull speed. The down river is super fast and predictable.
The Creekboater – Surprised at how well it boofs and stays on the surface. Excited for a new way to spice up a bunch of the intermediate down river runs that are standard for them.
The Classic/Long boater – Still able to surf those long flat smooth waves, but now I can carve a bit more aggressively and spin. Also excited to see how much stability is gained by a planning hull. Easiest boat to roll ever!
The beginner – The folks that I used as guinea pigs when we tested the boat loved the ease of rolling and the predictability. The Fun Runner opens up the options to sample playboating and harder river running in a familiar package that they will hang onto for a long time as they add other boats to the quiver as their personal preferences develop.

I am off to the coast for the weekend with the production Fun Runner for the first time. If the surf report is true it should be unreal. Stay tuned for some video.

Later ; Colin
Team JK