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Why do I love my JK? I’m seventeen, and as I’ve grown older with my friends, they’ve gotten into some stupid stuff. I can proudly say that instead of falling into those dangerous and unwise habits, I spend my Friday nights loading up my Coosa for my weekend fishing trip. Not only do I get to do something I love, but I get to be an example for those around me. Not only does it give me a positive hobby, but it’s just outright fun. I love every detail that has been incorporated into my Coosa. It’s stable enough to jump around on, sit on the bow and load rods up while still in the water, and spin all the way around to reach my crate. It has stagers and bungees all over the thing to help me keep my gear with me, instead of the bottom of lakes. The best part about my boat is the seat. Even though I’m young and spry, other kayaks wore me out. I paddled the Coosa ONCE, and I fell in love with that seat.