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Sperry Top-Sider has been working for a few years to get a line of kayaking ready shoes to market that they call “Son-R”  where you can “See with your feet.”   Dane, Emily, and I have been wearing the prototypes for the past two seasons and now have the production models.     My favorites are the Bungee models that I can slip on quickly and are super grippy and comfortable with bare feet, but adjust instantly for wearing with a dry suit or pants.   I hate struggling to get booties on and off and have them be too tight or too loose.   These shoes are easy to get on and off, while standing up, and a quick pull on the bungee and they are locked down.     They also fit in my Rock Star nicely, which is key, so I don’t have to change shoes for play boating or creaking.

Sperry asked us to make a video to introduce their customers to the Jackson family of paddlers (Dane, Emily, and I) and Dane just wrapped it up!  Here it is:


Dane will be making 1 video each month, showcasing our exploits and paddling over the course of 2012 and 2013.      Look for the next one in February!

See you on the water!