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The weather has been uncooperative  over the last couple weeks making it near impossible to fish. High winds and/or rain has been ruling the forecasts.  Most of our saltwater estuaries have been inundated with freshwater causing the water to drop in temperature, and salinity. The freshwater ponds, rivers, and lakes have also been affected by lower temperatures, and water clarity.

We received six inches of rain Saturday adding to the rain that had fell over the previous two weeks, but this wasn’t going to stop me from an adventure in the marsh with a few friends.

Upon arrival we noticed the water clarity, muddy would be an understatement. The temperature was cold, and it was very fresh. As we paddled away from the launch the water color improved, and we found fish. The wind was blowing 15-20 mph and caused me to wonder how I ever made it without a rudder. I used the wind to my advantage, allowing it to push me as I drifted  the shoreline making casts toward it. I was able to spend more time fishing, and less time correcting the kayak’s angle.

The redfish were spread out, and most were in the upper slot range. They all were heavy for their length, the above average temperatures have kept the fish feeding heavily preparing for a winter that’s probably not coming. We also caught speckled trout, they were very aggressive, but only in the 14″-16″ range. After 10 – 15 I moved on looking for reds.

We continued catching redfish until it was time to go, and we left them biting.