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KC dropping some vertical..

Weather- 40 degrees, water 45 degrees, River Nantahala, Teachers- Dane Jackson- Eric Jackson- Subject- three year old KC Jackson…

You never know when somebody is going to catch the kayaking bug!  KC just did!   Hanging out with us at Eternity hole he wanted to paddle in our boats when they were on shore (dane was switching from C1 to kayak so we had an extra).    He spent hours sitting in the boats- trying to get himself into the hole!    Kristine met us here at NOC and I had her bring KC’s Fun 1… (if you have a kid- age 1 or older- having a Fun 1 is having a toy that he/she might be using for years in the future and allow you to kayak more again!!!  Good advice from a guy who knows about that!)

Here is the video of KC paddling at NOC- notice his strokes are not doing much, his balance is iffy, but his smile and laugh say it all!!