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Kayak fishing radio ( and do what we call a Boondoggle, basically it is an opportunity for kayak fisherman to get together and fish in locals that are an anglers bucket list. This last weekend was spent at Chokoloskee, Florida in the south west tip of Florida on the western edge of the everglades. Tropical, with coconut trees and tropical style flowers, made this an eye appealing place to sight see…but I was there to fish! And fish I did. Equipped with the Jackson CUDA I was set for an epic weekend with opportunities to knock off a few bucket list fish.
After arriving Friday and meeting the rest of the kayak fisherman that where there for the boondoggle (55 was the unofficial count) we all got some sleep and started early Saturday morning. I woke up with my backed locked up tighter then a master lock I gingerly got in my boat and paddled out and started looking for fish. That day I was in so much pain that I could only pull a catfish and not much else, getting back to the ramp and enjoying the sun go down I joined everyone for the potluck and raffle, the raffle was truly made true by fellow Jackson staffer Charles Levi. Everyone walked away with something and the smiles where great to see.
Sunday I woke up to find my back had loosened up enough to allow me to enjoy my day. This day we paddled back into the 10000 island area to get into some incredible scenery and a mangrove snapper bite that was awesome. Catching snappers and trout for the rest of the day was truly a welcome change from the previous day. The wind was wicked but in the CUDA was a non issue, cutting through the wind and current I was able to keep up with boats that are considered fast in many circles. Getting back in earlier then expected I had the opportunity to head back out with Charles Levi and hit up a snapper bite that was again second to none. I was also lucky enough to hook and land my first snook. That was a pleasure in itself.
Monday many of the anglers had to go but I had time to play, getting out with two great anglers Russ Pylant and Jean McElroy we hit the mangroves again, jean nails a nice red, then Russ slams a puppy drum on top water. Then I start dropping bombs on the trout slamming them with one of my custom plastic pours, one after another I pulled from a deep slough, it feels good to start laying the smack down after two days of hard fishing. I then pulled into a pool where I smack a red…a very special red, he had no spots!! That was definitely cool to say the least, that is a one in a million fish and I caught one! On our way back to the launch I was working the backside of one of the many oyster bars when I snag my lure on some grass, being a bass fisherman I instinctively snapped the lure out of the grass and feel it just get hammered, I set the hook and low and behold it’s a 12 inch snookie poo! A slam! I have caught my first florida Inshore slam! Truly a day that I will always remember.
So if your looking for an incredible trip that will change your life look at Chokoloskee Florida as your next dream vacation. It has changed my life let it change yours. Or join us for one of our boondoggles, visit for more info. Tight lines and always where your pfd.

thanks to Russ Pylant for the awesome photos!