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Set up a fishing and non fishing event for Lake Grapevine. This lake is located near the town of Grapevine Texas, known for the wineries and vineyards. Very beautiful area and a very nice lake, known by many due to location, just northeast of Dallas metro area.

Set the date two weeks in advance to give everyone time and make plans. Was surprised at how many wanted to come out, to the fishing and paddling event. Things looked good leading up to the event, then the weather decided to change. The day before the event, the sky opened up and decided to pour what seemed like several inch’s of rain and have a thunderstorm to boot!

This is catastrophic when fishing for the species we were targeting for the event, Large Mouth Bass or known a LMB and many other names. This species is very sensitive to barometric pressure changes, so storms are not a good thing, and makes fishing very tough after a storm.

We all launched out of a marina, and was protected from the wind for the most part. A lot of the paddlers decided to head out of the marina area and down lake to some coves near by. Problem was we all paddled down wind leaving the protected marina area. We stayed out for a while and noticed the water started to white cap, from the winds. Not good as now we all had to try and make it back to the protected area against 15 – 20 MPH winds gusting to 25.

One of the kayak’s I brought with me was the new Jackson Cuda, and as luck would have it, it also had a rudder. This kayak is very impressive in the wind and with the rudder I can not say enough as to the way this kayak is able to track in almost anything. The rudder made it easy to keep the kayak into the wind and with the tracking of the Cuda was able to get back to the Marina safely and quickly!

Want to say thanks to the people that made the event, this are there blog names, Txwhitacre, his daughter, Texas Steve, Ricardo, YAK ANGLIN, and N.Tex_paddler. Here are some pictures of the Jackson Cuda’s and people that made the event.