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I loved my first time in the Duo.
JK Team Member Billy Harris was kind enough to let us borrow his Jackson Dynamic Duo to introduce my buddy’s little brother to Whitewater. We got to the Ottawa and had no idea what the level was. I figured, since it was my first time in the Duo too, I didnt want to thread the needle at McCoys and give the kid the rush of punching a big hole. I opted for my usual line through Sattler’s but soon realized water was way bigger than I had ever run it since it was my first year kayaking. We dropped into sattlers right as the wave crashed and came face to face to a wall of water! We later got to the gauge at it was at +4. Taking it through Kahuna was also AMAZING! Boat handles great, rolls like a charm and even surfs! Definately on my to buy list! 🙂