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Here is an awesome review from the Fraser Valley Whitewater Group! Below is the post but here is the link

IMG_2641Jan 31 2012

Jackson Kayaks Fun Runner Review


Our first shipment of new 2012 model Jackson Kayaks at WCK arrived last week and just on time for my trip to Skookumchuck. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to test out the new Jackson Fun Runner. At first glance and maybe even 2nd glance the Fun Runner has an old school look to it. It’s long and somewhat slicey but has a modern planning hull. For the up and coming freestyle champion hopefuls the Fun Runner isn’t your boat. If you like to shred down river with good speed, surf the greasy waves and just plain kick it old school the Fun Runner is going to be a blast.

At 7’9″ and 8’2″ it’s no surprise that the Fun Runner series has a lot of speed, I was a little impressed though that even while towing my Rockstar out to the wave I seemed to still be faster than the paddlers not towing a 2nd boat, bonus! While Skooks isn’t a great place to test a boats river running capabilities I did get the chance to try it out in some big water action while chasing a swimmer down the tour at 12.5 knots, the extra speed was really nice for getting up and over the huge boil and sloppy eddy lines. I was also able to bust over the eddy line and get onto the wave while the short boats were being carried up and dropping in from above, less hiking and more surfing is always a good thing.

Myself sporting a huge Fun Runner fuelled Skooks smile! Photo by Rob Murphy.

Jackson has used their classic outfitting system, with a uni-shock bulkhead and easy to adjust hip pads which means getting a comfortable secure fit only took about 2 minutes. Even with the 40 minute flat water paddle in and out the boat was super comfortable, as is expected with the Jackson outfitting system. The comfort and easy outfitting should make this boat a favourite for livery and instructional groups.

On the wave the boat performed a lot like you would expect it to. Probably my favorite thing was being able to do massive cut backs and throw a wall of water off the rails much like a surf boat with fins. It was a really stable platform for surfing as well. While side surfing the edges seemed really forgiving but offered a lot of control when moving around the wave. With the right feature (and paddler) I’m sure this boat can cartwheel and more, however my limited play boating skills meant for me I would be getting my grins from long greasy soul searching front surfs, the front surf can be fun again, you just need the right boat.

Throwing some spray off the long rails, fast is good! Photo by Rob murphy

Fun Runner 60 – $1149

  • Length = 7’9” (236 cm)
  • Width = 25” (63.5 cm)
  • Height = 12-3/4” (32.4 cm)
  • Volume = 60 US Gallons (227 liters)

Recommended Weight Ranges:

  • Beginner- 90-160
  • Intermediate- 90-180
  • Advanced- 90-210

Fun Runner 70 – $1149

  • Length = 8’2” (249 cm)
  • Width = 26-3/8” (67 cm)
  • Height = 13-3/8” (34 cm)
  • Volume = 70 US Gallons (265 liters)

Recommended Weight Ranges:

  • Beginner- 140-210
  • Intermediate- 170-230
  • Advanced- 190-250
Call or email now to schedule a test drive in the new Fun Runner, or look for us on the Northwest Festival scene in 2012.
Greasy smooth front surfs really are good for the soul. Photo by Rob Murphy.