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We are having a terrible winter out here in the Sierra and as a result out standard winter runs have not been flowing since all the storms have been tracking north into BC. Chamberlain Falls on the north fork of the American river has been on my brain ever since we started working on the Fun Runners. It is the perfect blend of downriver play and good boofs. Recently we got our first storm of the winter and Chamberlain ran. Noah, Sage, and I made sure to take advantage of the 700 CFS flow. It was a bit low but super fun. Noah was paddling my Fun Runner 60 proto, since his production 60 has not arrived yet, and Sage was in her trusty Sidekick. Boofs, spins, enders, splats, and big grins were had by all. I don’t think I will be paddling any other boat on this run ever again. I cannot wait for some high water this spring as well as the opportunity to paddle Giant Gap, which is just up steam. Enjoy the video!


Later ; Colin