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I started off the New Year in true fashion…kayaking! I got together with my High school coach and took a group of students from St Kevin’s College to Murchison, New Zealand’s beginner/intermediate kayaker’s paradise.

Aidan (coach), Paddy (coach), Russell (friend), Pete (friend) and I drove up early to scout out the rivers after recent floods. And other than the odd tree well out of harms way everything seemed perfect for taking these kids skills up a notch. We got them out on the water at least twice everyday. They worked on eddy turning, ferry-gliding, reading the water, surfing holes and waves, and we also taught them vital swimming safety and ropes skills over there lunch breaks.

Weather wasn’t 100% on our side. Well, the weather was beautifully sunny and warm, but rain was nowhere in sight and the rivers were getting low. But this actually resulted in almost ideal levels for the kids as the water was not too pushy but there were some good rock obstacles to avoid.

Least I say, they came as class 2 paddlers and left as class 3 and competent.

Here’s a quick edit of how these kids got on…


Courtney Kerin