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I started paddling at 42 after being laid off and needing something to do. For me it was a steep learning curve. I spent almost every day the first year in the water, during that time I bought, traded, and tried just about every boat there was and struggled and swam with all of them. One day I paddled with a guy in a 4 fun and after the run I asked if I could try it out. From the second I set in it I was hooked I paddled out into some waves and for the first time paddling felt natural. When I returned to shore my son said it was the first time I looked comfortable in a boat. I started my search for my own 4 fun, still being out of work I settled on a used one. My swimming days went from every other rapped to twice that second year. Now in my third year I have purchased 3 more Jackson kayaks and that is all my son and I paddle. The only negative I have to say is that in order to buy boats and continue kayaking I had to get a job so now my paddling is restricted to weekends and sick days.